The Washington Post 2012 Peeps Show Results

It’s here. The Washington Post Peeps Show results are in! For those of you that have been reading this blog for years (um, all of you, I expect), you know I live in Washington DC and anxiously await the annual Peeps Show, wherein contestants craft dioramas depicting events or scenes of historical, cultural, political, social or artistic importance using marshmallow Peeps for the main characters. These dioramas can range from recreations of famous artworks (Warhol, Monet…), ancient times (think Gladiator Peeps) to pop culture (Angry Birds) , children’s literature (Goodnight, Moon), or any clever idea the crafters can conjure, even synchronized swimming, so long as these little marshmallows can lend insight into our human world. Do I go overboard in my analysis? I really don’t think so.


Have I ever entered myself? No, I’m not brave enough. I’d rather wait and write up the results. I’ve been posting the results here since the 3rd year of the contest, 2009. Then 2010. 2011. This year is the 6th year of the contest.


To see the winner, four finalists and dozens of other top entries, click HERE to visit the Washington Post.

The winner, shown above, is OccuPeep DC, a representation of occupy protests in McPherson Square, here in DC, created by Cori E. Wright of Falls Church, VA. I also have to give mention of this depiction of the Black Cat, a DC institution (in my eyes)/concert venue. Like the creators, Derek Hills and Brinda Krishnan, of DC (about my age, too), I was oft spotted at the Black Cat in my twenties. The rest shown are just as impressive, so I urge you to scroll through the gallery.


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