The 2010 Washington Post Peeps Show Contest

Some of you may remember my raving over the impressive Washington Post Peeps Show contest last year (HERE). Well, it’s that time again! The 4th Annual Washington Post 2010 Peeps Contest. Contestants create a diorama of a famous scene (historic, artistic, pop culture, anything with meaning) and the main players must be Marshmallow Peeps. Find all the details to enter HERE. The contest is for US residents only, and any finalists need to be able to deliver their dioramas to the Posts offices here in DC. But even if you can’t enter, I highly recommend scrolling through the genius entrants from prior years.

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  1. Helen Dunn says

    All of you who may have entered the Post Peeps contest and would like to display your losing entries come to Facebook group “Washington Post Peeps COntest “Salon des Refuses””. We ‘d like to see everybody’s creation. THe winners left me a bit cool in the concept department but they were tops in the technical area. Somehow a balloon made up of body parts, Peeps though they may have been, strikes me as creepy.

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