Cake Delivered to Your Doorstep: Review of “We Take the Cake”

I got the loveliest surprise on my doorstep last week. A cake. Specifically, a sour cream coffee bundt cake with caramel glaze, along with a hand-written note and packaged in the golly gosh darn cutest round box (said box has a ’50s feel, hence the very appropriate “golly gosh darn”) from We Take The Cake. Now, this bundt cake happened to arrive on a weekend my in-laws were visiting. I unwrapped it in the afternoon, heated up the glaze to pour over the cake (no glaze for my picky daughter), which covered the top and dripped down the sides ever so rightly. The entire cake was gone by the next morning. My in-laws’ unprompted responses to said cake? “So, so moist.” “Delicious.” And “I’d buy this.” So lucky for We Take the Cake, I had the perfect, hungry taste-testers giving their unbiased and genuine raves. And I concur. Yum. Kind of wish I had another one right now.


The South Florida-based bakery ships nationwide, and I can attest their cakes stay fresh in their packaging. See their entire collection of bundt cakes, layer cakes, cheesecakes and cupcakes, all of which look divine, HERE at We Take the Cake. Oprah’s favorite is the Key Lime Bundt Cake, by the way.


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