AIRHEADS Candy Melting Snowmen

You probably don’t know this about me, except that I say it every chance I get and seek credit whenever I am able, but I invented the melting snowman cookie. I’ve seen versions of the melting snowman cookie all over the internet, in national magazines, I even heard there was a melting snowman cookie kit for sale out there. Sigh. I’ve been chasing the cookie, whom I’ve named Mr. Melty, since I first created him back in 2008, HERE. I even made some updated cookies, and talked a bit about Mr. Melty’s journey, HERE.  Alas, Mr. Melty belongs to the world (picture me collapsing dramatically, arm draped over forehead).

(my original melting snowman cookie, circa 2008)

So I went back to the original to find an even easier way to make them, with Airheads candies. Not only can you simply follow the instructions for the original Mr. Melty, then use the White Airheads Bars in place of the fondant, but you can omit the cookie altogether and create a melting snowman entirely out of Airheads Candy.

how to make a melting snowman from Airheads candy

You will need:

white and orange Airheads Bars


food coloring pens*

light corn syrup (optional)


*Find the food coloring pens in the craft store or online.


What to do:

Snip about an inch off of a White Airheads Bar. Roll into a ball. If necessary, microwave for just a few seconds to make the candy easy to roll. From the remaining candy, cut out a wavy circle. Snip a bit off of an Orange Airheads Bar, and pinch into a cone. Smush the white ball on top of the white circle, then smush the orange cone onto the white ball. If needed, add a dab of light corn syrup to help the candy stick, but the candy should stick on its own. With food coloring pens, draw the face, stick arms and buttons.


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