9 Little Meals: Muffin Tins for Not Just Muffins


I’ve long been intrigued by this idea of smaller versions of big meals cooked oh so conveniently in muffin tins. (See? I did a roundup before.) Little hands will appreciate the downsize, I think. Well, other people’s kids that is. Mine appreciates very little in the way of food diversity. Here are some ideas for cooking cute mini meals, breakfast, lunch, dinner and everything in between, in muffin tins:

My favorite food, mac n’ cheese cups, by Recipe by Photo.

Make chicken parmesean meatloaf at Weelicious.

Find a bunch of ideas at Betty Crocker, including crab cake pies and blue cheeseburger pies and eggs n’ hash browns.

Find more at Redbook, including baked oatmeal and lasagna cups and curry tuna casserole by Matthew Kadey.

And find a bunch at Pillsbury, including quiche cups and jumbo burger cups.



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