Strawberry Cream Cheese Filled Cupcakes

Hope everyone had a wonderful Valentine’s Day! Some of us are getting it a little late due to the weather, but I don’t mind.

Do you have some leftover strawberries from our valentine recipes with strawberries? Here is a way …

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Lace Pancakes

Happy Valentine’s Day!

I hope Mother Nature hasn’t hampered your ability to get items for Valentine’s Day. You still have the whole weekend to spoil your loved ones! Here is a cute idea for breakfast on Valentine’s Day or any …

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Rice Krispie Treat Hearts

Snowed in again? Need something fun to do with the kids?

Make the all-time favorite Rice Krispie treats shaped like hearts for Valentine’s Day.

This is a must have staple, along with marshmallows, in the kitchen pantry or cabinet. Although, …

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Want to show love for the bros in your life but not sure how? Then look no further than here.

Share the love this Valentine’s day with your committed bros by making a bouquet the right way – the bouquet …

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“A spoonful of sugar, helps the medicine go down…”

I bet these heart shaped sugar cubes will help your loved one’s coffee or tea taste even sweeter. What a way to start the day? Of course, you will have to …

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Valentine’s Day is Friday! So here is another last minute idea to wow your valentine.

Do you own some silcone heart shape molds and haven’t used them yet? You know the ones that you couldn’t resist buying because they looked …

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Everybody does the chocolate dipped strawberries. Why not take it one step further to show your love, by making the strawberries into hearts covered in chocolate.

Debbie at One Little Project demonstrates how to create the hearts and cover with …

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Valentine’s Day is Friday! You have to make something for your child’s class party, but you have absolutely no time to bake. What do you do?
Click on this article, print ingredients needed and go to the store! Corey at …

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Popcorn cupcakes

Popcorn, Get your popcorn…cupcake?

I love popcorn and could eat it 24/7/365. I never thought about it in a cupcake form. That’s why I leave it to the creative minds like Jasmine Fine at 1 Fine Cookie to show me …

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She had me at cheesecake!

I love cheesecake and I would certainly love to find this on Valentine’s Day!

Beth at HungryHappenings has created these cute cheesecakes to look like the candied hearts that we got when we were younger. …

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Chocolate Covered Maraschino Cherry Caramels Valentine Hearts

This title is a mouth full, but look oh so delicious!

Sugartown Sweets has updated an old recipe out of a cookbook from her great great Aunt. How sweet!

Who needs to buy a box of chocolates, when you can …

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Reese Dixon shows shows us how to put personal messages on the cookies for your loved one.

Now you can make your own conversation hearts or write your loved ones name on each cookie. I like the idea of writing …

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Gluten and Dairy Free!

Nothing worse than seeing a child look at the baked goods and the parent having to say no, because of a food allergy.

Here is a recipe that can turn the frown upside down. Just remember …

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Here is a really cute after school snack for the kids! has a great idea to celebrate Valentine’s Day in a healthy and easy way. I might be the only one, but this looks more appealing than a box …

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Love pinterest!

Here is a really cute idea for those of us that wish we had the time to bake. This little trick will make the store bought brand look homemade and extra special. Tracy at Made from Pinterest shows …

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