snowball cookies
It’s another snowy and cold day outside. I’m enjoying sitting inside and watching the snowfall. The kids are outside throwing snowballs, but these snowballs look more appealing to me. These snowball cookies are similar to Russian Tea Cookies, but instead …

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Happy Boxing Day, Kwanzaa and survival day to those that celebrated Christmas. Apparently, I missed the official date nut bread holiday. I’ll have to keep this website up so I can plan ahead. In Maine, the weather can be cold …

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Are you making cinnamon rolls for breakfast on Christmas? How about adding a little flair to those rolls, by making a Christmas tree. There is also directions on how to make a wreath instead of the tree. Plus there is …

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creamcheese mints

I love items that you can make for more than just one holiday. These Cream cheese Mints fill the bill and are really easy to make. Plus, they look really cute in the jars to give as gifts and they …

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no bake holiday desserts

Life around the holidays can get really hectic. I usually plan on baking lots of desserts, but next thing I know Santa has to have store bought cookies or worse he has to share the carrots with the reindeer. I’m …

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Allergy Ideas

Originally this year, we were supposed to have some friends for the holidays. The plans unfortunately were cancelled, but I still needed to find recipes to accommodate allergies in the family. Maybe you are entertaining some friends that have allergies …

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Grinch Lollipops!

One of my favorite things about the holidays are the movies. And one of my all-time favorite as a child and adult is the original”How the Grinch Stole Christmas”. Karen at Sugartown Sweets has come up with some cute lollipops …

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wrapped present krispie treats

Christmas is a week away! I swear it arrives sooner every year. I still have shopping to do. But maybe you are done and just need to wrap the gifts. Or if you’re like me, you need snacks to help …

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Christmas Balls mini cupcakes

Do you have a favorite ornament? Is it something your child made, one from your childhood, or do you change out the ornaments every year? Every year I think about changing it up and having a themed tree, but then …

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Christmas Tree Cupcakes

In our house, it isn’t Christmas till the tree is up and decorated. These cupcakes look intimidating, but the blog does have a video and tutorial on how to decorate these beauties. I love the fact she uses store bought …

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Reindeer Gingerbread Cookies

How brilliant is this! Two cookies in one, who knew! So now when you make your gingerbread cookies, turn some upside down and make some reindeer cookies too! Noshing at the Nolands has the recipe and tells you how to …

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Melted Snowman Brownies

How cute are these!

With our cold weather temperatures this week, there will be no worries of a melting snowman. But this could surely warm your spirits with a cup of hot cocoa. Tania Cusack from My Kitchen Stories gives …

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Brownie Snowballs

Snowball fight! Who doesn’t love a good snowball fight? Especially if it includes snowballs that you can eat!

These kind of remind me of the pink snowballs that I used to get at the store. I’m sure this version is …

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royal icing tutorial

I love looking at all of the cookies pictured on magazine covers while grocery shopping. So beautiful, you can’t imagine eating the work of art. When I make cookies, they look like the rejects that didn’t make the cover. Reality …

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I’ve only done a few cookie exchanges and I always have a hard time picking a cookie recipe that no one else has done. Plus, I’m very picky about my cookies. But I do love the idea of getting lots …

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