Reese’s Pieces Shots

Reese's pieces, reese's, reese's pieces shots, reese's shots, reese's infused vodka, reese's infused liquor, peanut butter, infused liquor, shots, halloween, thanksgiving, cocktails, skulls, drink, diy, candy shots, candy, shot recipes, halloween shots, thanksgiving drink, orange, yellow, brown, skulls, skull shot glasses, autumn, skull shots, thanksgiving shots, peanut butter shots,Just another month and a half before I’m baby-free and can enjoy a yummy shot of something, anything. Like maybe a shot that brings up memories of our beloved E.T. and looks so pretty with the crushed candy on the rim of the glass. Find the how-tos to make the perfect Halloween shooter–Reese’s Pieces Shots–HERE at 1 Fine Cookie.

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