Is Tap Water Safer Than Bottled Water?


This is one of those questions that I don’t find hard to answer. If you go with all the rules governing tap water, in most of the developed world, than yes, tap water is safer than bottled water because government supplied water has to follow more stringent rules and restrictive practices than most of the rules that cover manufacturing and sale of bottled water.

In fact, in 25% of the cases, bottled water is nothing more than tap water.

The only reason you should be drinking bottled water is a) because you actually like the taste b) because of convenience.

Yet, bottled water has grown into a multi-billion industry where 25% of it is just tap water. I think that is a lot of marketing that has gone haywire pushing the benefits of bottled water over tap water, when there are no actual scientific facts or evidence to back it up with.

What are your thoughts?


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