Chocolate Valentine Hearts


Valentine’s Day is Friday! So here is another last minute idea to wow your valentine.

Do you own some silcone heart shape molds and haven’t used them yet? You know the ones that you couldn’t resist buying because they looked so cute. Am I the only sucker with good intentions?!

Vicky Barone shows how to make your own chocolates using the silicone heart molds and some melting chocolate.

You can find both items at any craft store near you. Some actually might be on sale right now since they try to get rid of their items before the holiday gets here.


  1. Amber Tebben says

    These are such cute chocolate hearts! I think making homemade chocolates for someone would be a little more personal and a lot cheaper than buying chocolates I’m sure! The recipe looked very simple, which is good for those of us who don’t cook a whole lot, but like to try! This would maybe even be a fun activity to do in the classroom. It would be simple enough and then each student could make a few hearts to take home to their parents. It would be a fun, unique idea to use for Valentine’s Day. I will definitely be keeping this recipe and idea in mind as I start my teaching career. I may even try it for some friends this year! Thanks for sharing this cute, fun idea!

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