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Oh my goodness! There are 15 days left till Christmas? Where does the time go? Christmas to me is all about the family! Especially the kids, because they grow so fast. But it is also trying to figure out what …

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banana snowman

Frosty the Snowman….

Frightful weather outside and the kids are driving you crazy? Here is a creative and healthy snack to keep them busy, and give you a little quiet time. Or all of you can have fun creating it …

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M&M Christmas Lights

Christmas Lights are so pretty and yet can be annoying when one goes out. Here is a fun set of Christmas lights that you never have to worry about the lights going out. Although you might have to worry about …

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fruit snowman

Healthy Snacks!

Seems like from Halloween till after Christmas, there is nothing but baked goods and candy everywhere. I know I can’t complain too much since my posts have been filled with baked goods and candy. I do love snowmen …

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Who can resist a snowman?

When the first snow hits, the kids automatically want to build a snowman. But what if you live where it does not snow. Here is a snowman that anyone can build, anytime of the year. …

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I don’t know about you, but I am quite tired with all the Thanksgiving and soon to be Christmas edible crafts. Not that we are going to do away with them :). There are heaps more coming!

So here is …

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Using a Gingerbread cookie recipe (supplied) and an idea from Food Network’s December 2010 issue, Karen of Sugartown Sweets has created this Tree made of Christmas Cookies. Yum!

That is my kind of Christmas!

Get the full recipe at her …

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Hello dear Edible Crafts readers! It’s been three months since I left you, but I promise I think about you everyday. I’m still blogging away over at the decorated cookie, but I truly miss my days of mining the …

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How to make homemade lollipops

Using Werther’s Original, Karen from Sugartown Sweets has made these cute and easy melted caramel pops.

Even better, these contain jelly belly beans!

Go get the recipe for these homemade lollipops here.


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Follow this easy tutorial to create a fun LEGO themed treat! This is a great idea for a LEGO party favor or a sweet snack for kids.

They are made with Wilton candy melts, marshmallows, and of course, apples.

Get …

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Melissa from BlessThisMessPlease, has created a 2 week eating plan that contains no refined flours, sugars or processed foods.

It is a plan with a budget and it is entirely do-able. Of course, the issue here is how you get …

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Jenn from endlesslyinspired created this back to school cake that is shaped like a pencil.

Best of all – this is a no-bake cake! It looks like you may have spent hours in the kitchen making this – but no …

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Perfect for an afternoon tea party – or for the holidays – this sandwich cake recipe taken from an old 1959 book ticks all the boxes for being creative and wholesome.

It is called Smörgåstårta aka Swedish Sandwich Cake and …

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Can’t get enough of S’mores.

And in an effort to make everyone believe that summer is still not over, thebrunettebaker shows you how to create some really easy S’more using Take 5 bars.


Get her recipe here: Take 5 S’mores

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The Minion craze doesn’t seem to be going away. Which is a good thing if you like them. Or have kids.

Here is a simple way to make these cake pops at Minion Cake Pops.…

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