What can be cuter than these cute and “sprinkly” Rolo monsters?!

CakeWhiz made a whole family of these cuties. Daddy, Mommy and Baby!

These are fun to make with kids and look super duper easy! And it uses sprinkles. What …

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Ah. Halloween. Perfect time to play with your food, trying to dress it up in various shapes and forms.

And one of the favorite shape? Bats!

So here are 5 ideas to help you along in case your own shapes …

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A modern twist on a staple fall treat – these painted caramel apples are an artsy way to eat your apples.

Guess what the painted bit is? The caramel! I bet you didn’t know that caramel could be painted. And …

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Keeley McGuire has done it again. You may remember Keeley’s previous post about 20 non-sandwich lunch ideas for kids. That post is the number one post on Edible Crafts for the last month.

Now she has come up with a …

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Not sure if I should be freaked out or creep-ed out – but these Cicada bug cupcakes will make the younger crowd really happy to eat them at a Halloween party.

You will never guess what the body of the …

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My wife always writes something funny on my daughter’s banana for school. So that she has a surprise message from mummy when she sits down to eat it at lunch time.

This idea from Leslie of Pink Stripey Socks has …

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Yes Halloween is all about being decadent.

It is about the candy, the sweets, the parties, the rowdy kids. And more.

So, indulge in this sweet, yet healthy dessert for a calming effect (at least pretend to).

Get the recipe …

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This one is from last year – but a Halloween cake is a Halloween cake – right?

And it is so perfect! Look at the colors – the detail – just gorgeous!

Get more pictures for this wonderful cake from …

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And it has eyeballs at the bottom. Yuck. I mean wow!

As Jen says – this is a blended up frog. Perfect for kids during Halloween.

But I bet it tasted awesomely yummy!

Get the low down on this Halloween …

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Hello dear Edible Crafts readers! It’s been three months since I left you, but I promise I think about you everyday. I’m still blogging away over at the decorated cookie, but I truly miss my days of mining the …

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Since I posted about the Halloween Witch Hat Cupcakes, I have received tons of new Halloween related edible crafts. Keep these ideas coming!

And here is one more, the White Chocolate Candy Apples that look like Mummies. How much …

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Ohh! I am loving all the link suggestions coming our way for Halloween stuff! And this one by Erin from Food & Femininity caught my eye instantly.

These sparkly Witch Hat Cupcakes for Halloween couldn’t be easier—and they are super …

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I wish there was never a need for a post like this – but what can you do. My kids hate anything that looks like a vegetable  and I really don’t understand why. What is it about childhood and vegetables …

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Homemade Marshmallows

With gorgeous step by step photographs, it is easy to get distracted (and start drooling) with this recipe for homemade cinnamon marshmallow pops. But persevere and create this recipe and your kids are sure to get excited (before and after …

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Follow this easy tutorial to create a fun LEGO themed treat! This is a great idea for a LEGO party favor or a sweet snack for kids.

They are made with Wilton candy melts, marshmallows, and of course, apples.

Get …

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