Cake Decorating Supplies from Duff

Duff. You know, Duff? Of Baltimore’s Charm City Cakes? From the Food Network’s Ace of Cakes? The show that if I start to watch I can’t stop? I don’t know if the show is carried outside the US, so to brief those elsewhere who may be unfamiliar, Ace of Cakes is a reality show about the inner workings of a fun and funky cake bakery owned by the fun and funky Duff Goldman. Well, he and his team created a line of cake decorating wares available at Michaels craft stores and at Duff’s site HERE, including icing, cutters, pans, cake mixes, tools, coloring, fondant (at a hefty price, if I recall, which means maybe it actually tastes good, which means I will pay said hefty price for such a miracle), and cake tattoos.

To view projects you can make with the supplies, like the fondant cake shown above, CLICK HERE.

I tried my own hand at the cake tattoos (see below) with THESE RESULTS.

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  1. Bronwyn says

    I had read about the new products by Duff on the Charm City Cakes website. I would like to know if his fondant tastes better than others, also, before paying a higher price. I still want to try making my own. I know some ladies in my cake decorating class who did, and they seemed to like it better than the store bought kind.

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