5 Posts to Better Cake Pops


The world has gone bonkers over cake pops, ever since bakerella made these cuties. Given how ubiquitous the cake pop is now–8 jillion blogs devoted to the stuff, Starbucks stocks them, appliance makers make appliances just for them, bakeries devote themselves to them–all signs suggest they are a cinch to make. Not necessarily. First time cake pop makers will understand the woes of the cracked candy coating, the drips and drops, the too-quick-too-harden decorations, the crumbling off the stick… Once you get it down, though, they are a cinch. Here are some resources from around the web to guide your cake pop adventures.

One of bakerella’s first tutorials, the smiley cake pop.

The post that inspired this roundup, find fantastic tips to stop cake pops from falling off the stick HERE at Sugarkissed.net.

This post over at Niner Bakes offers links and solutions to every problem you might have making cake pops.

Find step-by-step photographs and instructions to make cake pops at Wedding Chicks.

For tips on making cake pops with a cake pop pan, visit Homemaker Chic.


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