10 Star Wars-Inspired Treats

starwars.cookiesI have to admit, I’m totally out of the Star Wars world now. I’m about old school Star Wars. The original, unenhanced trilogy. Playing Princess Leia in the backyard, my brother was Luke, or maybe Han. We probably made my sister be Darth or Jabba the Hutt. But apparently the whole massive Star Wars complex is alive and thriving. Here are some Star Wars-inspired treats for ya’. And given the Mickey connection, it seems Disney got in on the deal.



(Above) The post that inspired the Star Wars post: Mickey Mouse Star Wars character cookie pops by Sugar Swings!.

Clockwise from top left:

The master Star Wars cookie maker, always and forever, Sweet Sugarbelle.

JustJENN has an entire section devoted to Star Wars food. Shown are Jawa vegan cookie cupcakes.

Ha! Star Wars cake pops. Expertly crafted by The Sew*er, The Caker, The Copycat Maker.

These intergalactic push up pops are my new favorite thing, by Bakingdom.

I’m always awed by the talent over at SemiSweet Designs. Disney Star Wars Cookies found HERE.

You’ve got Star Wars, s’mores and sticks. Awesomeness by Kitchen Fun with My 3 Sons.



And here are some Star Wars sweets-making products to make things easier for you:

The Star Wars Cupcake Decorating Kit by Williams Sonoma.

ThinkGeek has Han Solo in Carbonite form silicone tray (they also have the Millennium Falcon, Darth and Artoo).

Very cool (groan for the pun). Light Saber popsicle molds and a Star Wars cookbook at Perpetual Kid.




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    these are pretty cool. the ewok is the cutest. we are all die hard star wars fans, so any of these would be appreciated.

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