What is Kombucha? And 5 Recipe Ideas


In a nutshell, Kombucha is fermented sweet tea – filled with yeast and bacteria. Is it good for you? Probably.

Its health benefits include boosting your immune system and supporting the digestive system. It is also supposed to stop cancer – but there is no scientific evidence to support that fact.

Some people complain that it gives them upset stomach when they drink it. You can make one at home or you can buy one pre-made from health food shops. Buying one from the shops is probably going to be safer than making one at home – as the chances of infection are less.

If you still would like to make one at home – we have found 5 recipes that might help you:

1. Recipe from thekitchn. The best and most comprehensive recipe.

2. From KomuchaKamp – requires you to sign up to a newsletter before you can see the full recipe.

3. A video one – From Instructables – this one shows you how to make a big batch.

4. From EcoSalon – Nice intro about Kombucha before giving the recipe.

5. From MrKate – Nice strawberry flavored one!

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