Trending: 60 Edible Rainbows. A Super Duper Awesome Must-See Roundup


Many, many trends in food have come, and sometimes gone, in the last few years. Cake pops, macarons, pie on sticks, quirky popsicles, bread art, “pinata” sweets, mustache pops, updated JellO shots, stuff in mason jars… But there has been one consistent, ubiquitous constant in edible crafts. Rainbows. Rainbows are everywhere. Everybody loves rainbows, especially clever, edible rainbows. They have rainbow parties with rainbow favors and rainbow cupcakes and rainbow cake posp and rainbow candy and rainbow fruit kebabs and rainbow toast and waffles and pancakes and Rice Krispies treats and, I think you get the idea. Here are just some of the rainbow-themed foods I’ve featured here on Edible Crafts in the past few years. Just some, mind you. Some.





Layer cake at Whisk Kid. The beginning. I believe this is where the rainbow food trend really began.

Pinata cake at Rock UR Party.

Heart cheesecakes at Rock UR Party.

Sprinkle cake at The Cake Blog.

Pound Cake at the decorated cookie.

Melting Crayon Cake at Makoodle.

M and M Cake at raspberri cupcakes.

Tie dye cake at Bird on a Cake.


cupcakes and little cakes


Cupcakes at Bakerella.

Mile high cupcakes at Sprinkle Bakes.

Cake in a jar at Make Life Lovely.

Cake cubes at Hungry Rabbit.

Cake push pops at the Hostess with the Mostess.

Cake pops at Munchkin Munchies.





Cookies and Milk by Munchkin Munchies.

Ruffled cookies at Lizy B.

Chocolate chip cookies at In Katrina’s Kitchen.

Slice and bake at Crazy for Crust.

Unicorn cookies at the decorated cookie.

Spiral cookies at the decorated cookie.

Jello cookies at I Heart Naptime.

Slice and bake at Good Life Eats.

Tie dye cookies at Sweet Sugarbelle.





Licorice favors at Catch My Party.

Daisy marshmallows at the decorated cookie.

Wrapped Marshmallows at Smart School House.

Peppermint Patties at Taste for Adventure.

Fudge at Rock UR Party.

Marshmallow kebabs at the decorated cookie.

Sprinkles at Brave Tart.



cold treats and drinks


Ice cream at Random Thoughts of a SUPERmom!.

Smoothies by A Whisk and Two Wands.

More ice cream from Rock UR Party.

Cocktail at Craftzine.

Popsicles at babble.

Popsicles at Zoku blog.




JellO Jigglers at Kitchen Daily.

Cake Jelly shots at Tablespoon.

JellO eggs at Thrive.

Jelly shooters at Jelly Shot Test Kitchen.



other treats


Oreos at Instructables.

Pretzels by Creatively Christy.

Donuts by Just Baked.

Waffles by Quick Dish.

Cannoli at Garlic My Soul.

Rice Krispies Treats paint brushes at Sweetology.

Blondies at Sugar Swings!.

Rice Krispies Treats at raspberri cupcakes.

Pudding at Craftzine.

Pop tarts at babble.





Grilled cheese by Quick Dish.

Pasta at Hellobee.

Spaghetti at Quick Dish.

Pizza at Quick Dish.

Hot dogs at Hungry Happenings.





Veggies and dip at Parents.

Granola at In Katrina’s Kitchen.

Snack at Canadian Family.

Bread at Cake Student.




And here are a few bonus links from the archives, some ideas for a rainbow-themed party.

Best-ever rainbow art party by Glorious Treats.

A rainbow cake food coloring set at Bake It Pretty.

A great rainbow buffet at Elsie Marley.


















  1. Elizabeth says

    And here I was thinking that I was well past the point of being charmed by rainbows- after having 2 girls who went through rainbow EVERYTHING phase! I am getting twitchy and just want to start making rainbow jellos, and cake and cookies and…..
    Great Roundup Meaghan!

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