The Holiday Issue of Bird’s Party Magazine

I can’t help it. I keep going back to the latest holiday issue of Bird’s Party magazine. It’s filled with a ridiculous amount of detail, definitely a must-read for inspiration if you’re hosting any sort of holiday party this year. Each stunning set of ideas commits fully to a specific feel, color, and warmth, whether classic red and white Christmas, ski lodge cozy, sparkly Baroque, or vibrant Lunar New Year….  You’ll find ideas for holidays, birthdays (the Snow White birthday! Adorable!), DIY, and even a gift guide. OK, I’m going to stop yakking about it and let you check it out:

Buy a paper copy HERE and read it for free online HERE.



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    You’re the BEST!!! Thanks you for supporta nd for shring!! Would soooooo LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to have you on our next issue?!!

    Please say yes?!! 😀

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