Thanksgiving Candy Favors

Check out these clever ideas for wrapping candy at Scrap-A-Doodle-Dee, perfect Thanksgiving favors. My favorites are the M and M sticks and turkey poop! {spotted by Kristen}


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    Pat, we are just a conduit! :) These treats were created by Scrap-a-Doodle-Dee. I believe if you click on the link or the picture above to go to the original post, the blogger offers tips on finding supplies.

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    I love your idea of the M & M tube. I was looking at the website of where you bought the tube bags. Can I have the name of the bags? I’m planning my son’s birthday party in January 2011. I want to do this for his favor.

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    Hi Maureen, I just reposted this from the other site, I didn’t actually make anything myself. But if you follow the links, I would ask the same question to the contacts there. Hope that helps, good luck!

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