Shamrock Pretzel Pop

Shamrock Pretzel Pop

First I want to apologize again to those that were offended by yesterday’s post. I did place an apology on that post and renamed the dessert.

Here is a great dessert that you can make with the kids! So easy! Quick trip to the market to purchase the ingredients and let the fun begin. Jessica Weible has the recipe on her blog jwillustrations. She has some other yummy recipes that you might want to check out besides this one.


  1. Karen Lee says

    I have no idea what offended anyone yesterday, but people are so easily offended these days, I wouldn’t worry about it.

  2. Carolyn Bickford says

    Thank you Karen! It was due to the reference to the Irish Car Bomb title and the Irish history. The recipe was in reference to the American drink, but I should have considered the feelings of the International readers that may not be aware of the drink.

  3. Carolyn Bickford says

    Please feel free to send any other recipes to us for future features. Creative and quick do well here.

  4. Barbara H Sullivan says

    You apologize that’s all can do, got so every thing say anymore is offensive,and most people don’t mean any thig of what they said,have good weekend,Thank’s

  5. Coleen McCrea Katz says

    Irish Car Bombs is a name that brings back very bad memories for those of us whose family was affected by “the troubles”. So that is why we are trying to rid the world of those types of references. It’s no different that other ethnicities who want to change references to their culture.

  6. Donna says

    By ridding the world of these references you also rid the world of the history as people begin to no longer use those terms the history of the culture tends to disappear too. 9/11 and ground zero bring back horrible memories for thousands and thousands of Americans should we rid the world of those terms too?
    Education is the key, not getting rid of everything that brings back bad memories.

  7. Fran says

    OK so I guess we need to rename the drink, “hurricane” that is served in New Orleans since some may be offended by what katrina and other hurricanes have caused.

  8. Jan says

    You know, I agree with Donna about the 9/11 & Ground Zero references, and Fran about “Hurricane”…I’m so fed up with everyone being offended by every little thing someone says…time to lose that over-sensitivity and just take things at face value instead of trying to create inferences of a word or comment…it’s fine to be sensitive when speaking to someone not to intentionally hurt their feelings, but if you have to always run everything through your mind & consider that someone, somewhere in the world might be offended by you comments, then you may as well stop everyone talking. There are always going to be people who can find an insult or untoward meaning about any spoken or written word. Grow up, realize that not everyone is out to insult you, your race, your heritage or your family.
    For crying out loud, that’s what’s wrong with all this “Politically Correctness”…it INSULTS ME, but you don’t see me sitting around snivling about it or trying to get it removed from the world…worry about important things, not perceptions.

  9. Dolores Howser says

    I have days…. If everything that offended me was eradicated, I’d be one lonely person on this planet. So grateful that there are those who still follow the “live and let live” philosophy of my great grandparents. They had things that bothered them too but it had more to do with survival than their psyche/feelings.

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