Rat Eyeballs, Spider Legs and Ghost Poop Favors

Have kids giggling with these easy Halloween favors (kids always giggle at “poop, right?). Find the free printable for “Rat Eyeballs, Spider Legs and Ghost Poop” HERE at Glorious Treats.


  1. Nancy says

    I have tried numerous times to print the labels for the Red Rat Eyes and Spider Legs, but it says I have to subscribe to something for so much per month!! Can you help me? Thanks so much!!

  2. says

    Hi Nancy! Urg, I ran into the same problem with my own printables at Scribd!! They must have changed the rules some time in the past year. On my own blog (thedecoratedcookie.com) I’m in the process of going through and taking them down from scribd and replacing them because of this. I don’t have access to this printable, as it was created by Glory of Glorious Treats, but if you click the link and contact her through the blog, I bet she would have an alternative. Just mention that scribd now charges for access and if there is any other way to get the printable?

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