Product Review – Water Buddies


My Children have always loved water. I have never really offered them anything else other than that and we never have soft drinks in the fridge. A special treat is a lemonade when we are out for dinner or a popper juice at Grandma and Grandads house.  The only problem is my school aged daughter sees her friends having slushies, soft drinks and of course those dreaded character pop tops bought in food courts that are not only packed with around 18-20 g of sugar but are ridiculously overpriced.

I have grown to accept that my children are children and it’s natural for them to want to pick a “Superman” or “Barbie” bottle of juice instead of a traditional plain water bottle. I have always questioned why no one made a water bottle that appealed to children. Then I came across WaterBuddies. After I contacted them about reviewing their products they sent me a sample pack.

I swear I had not even got the parcel (it was transparent) into the house before the kids were grabbing at the bottles. I had to convince them to let me chill them in the fridge for 1/2 an hour first as it was a really hot day.

So straight away I knew they appealed to kids, but how did they taste?

Each flavor has less than 2% sugar (around 1.8g)

No Artificial Flavors.

No Artificial Colors.

No Artificial Sugars.

My daughters first response was “You can tell it has no sugar”. But she continued to drink it without hesitation.

My son didn’t comment just drank it and then they swapped to taste each others flavors and said nothing more.

I honestly think my kids (who love water) would have been happy with plain water inside (also available in the buddies range). After all it’s all about how COOL the packaging looks.

I would love to see this product in food courts and takeaways all over Australia.

Now available in over 500 Woolworths Australia stores and over 300 Independent Stores across Australia.

Existing stockists  $1.99 per bottle.

I challenge you to walk your kids down the aisle and just see if it grabs their attention!

Do your children drink enough water? 


  1. Donna says

    Would love something like this for the grand kids here in the states. It would probably be an outrageous price though. :-(

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