“Please Take One” Printable for Your Unsupervised Halloween Candy

Does this count as edible crafts? There’s candy involved. At any rate, I couldn’t resist this free printable “Please Take One” sign, since I have the front porch candy bowl/sign on door plan this year while we’re out trick or treating. My mom had a good point, too. Since chances are the first parent-free kid won’t abide by the sign and snag the whole bowl, why not just put out an empty bowl to begin with? Maybe scatter a few empty wrappers?  Then everyone will think the kids before them took it. (What’s the Halloween version of the Grinch?) Find the free printable HERE at Embellish.


  1. CJ says

    This is great! I do wish it said “Please take two” so I don’t seem tight-fisted with our candy. :)

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