Pac-Man Cookie Cutters

I’m all about old school video games. (Angry Birds excepted.) Sure, some would say that’s because the high falutin’ crazy new high tech video games scare me, but I think it’s in allegiance to growing up in the ’80s. There’s just something so right about sitting on an orange shag carpet  abusing an Atari joy stick trying to get away from Blinky. (Side note: The orange shag carpet was not ours. We had Intellivision. And no shag.) For all those who feel similarly, and also like to bake, check out the Pac-Man Cookie Cutter set.


  1. Joanna says

    I have these and I love them! I used them to make toad-in-the-hole one time because I had easier access to them than my circle cookie cutter- it was amazing.

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