No-Dye Easter Eggs

No Dye Easter Eggs
Okay, so you can’t eat egg shells, but you can eat the eggs inside.

Jordan at Kojo Designs sent these cute ideas and I fell in love. Plus, it meant less mess!

These beautiful designs are created using a white paint pen and some henna temporary tattoos. As suggested in the article, you may want to make sure the paint pen is non-toxic. If not, then you may want to blow out the eggs before decorating to be on the safe side.

The temporary tattoos are put on the egg the same way you would to your skin. Any tattoo will work.

Make sure the eggs are dry before trying both techniques.


  1. gina says

    this is a really BAD idea. Henna used in tattoos can be toxic (to the point of death with some children) when either handeled or ingested. Egg shells are permiable and the henna or paint could migrate through the shell into the egg. Cute as they are it’s just not worth making someone sick to make cute Easter eggs this was.

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