My Farewell to Edible Crafts

Dear Edible Crafts readers,

It’s with a very heavy heart that I tell you all I’m leaving my post as Edible Crafts editor. I’ve written over 6,000 posts in almost five years. This blog is a part of my every day, ingrained in me so much it alters how I view the world. I’m always hunting, looking, searching for fun food, not just on the computer but everywhere around me. I’ve seen so many food trends come and go, come and stay, and witnessed great changes in how we search for inspiration and ideas.

I thought I would be here forever, but alas, I just can’t juggle different blogs, my real life and most of all, parenting two young children. (So um, blame the new baby. I do all the time.) Not if I want to give this blog the attention it deserves, and you the attention you deserve. As I frantically search for posts while a baby cries and my poor kid whines about being neglected, I risk missing the best in what is clever and creative out there on your blogs and in my own home, so I know it’s best to hand over the reins to a fresh, new, eager fun food hunter.

My deepest thanks to the blog owners and my friends, Shellie and Vikram, for giving me this amazing opportunity to work and live in the world of Edible Crafts. I’m forever grateful.

I hope you will continue to visit all the new and wonderful things to come on Edible Crafts! And I hope you’ll stop by and visit me, too, over at TheDecoratedCookie. Please keep in touch!

I love and will miss you, Edible Crafts.

All the best,



  1. says

    oh Meaghan! 6000 posts is a heckuva lot of work! and i enjoyed every single one of the ones i read so far! i cannot thank you enough for all the opportunities you have given me as a newbie blogger by featuring my food crafting. i wish you and your family all the best and kudos to you for seeing family as priority. take good care. see you over at The Decorated Cookie! XO

  2. Jaan L says

    Sorry to see you go, but wishing you all the happiness you want. Will still see you on the decorated cookie. take care

  3. says

    Hi Rachel,

    Just a clarification – Meaghan is leaving us, but this blog stays on. :)

    We will be running this blog and continue to find new edible craft ideas.

    We are very sad to see Meaghan go. She has done a wonderful job and we completely understand her wanting to leave. She will be missed heaps.

    Vikram & Shellie

  4. Lynn says

    You have done a FANTASTIC job and I love reading this blog every single day! Best of luck to you.

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