Mug Cakes

I asked if there were ideas that you would like to see posted and I only got one reply. She wanted mug cakes, so here are different links for mug cakes. Just remember not to use mugs with metal in the microwave.

2 min clean and healthy mug2
Two Minute Mug Cake

Forget Cupcakes Try Mug Cakes

mug cakes 3
Grab A Mug – 20 Desserts in Your Microwave

nutella mug cake
Nutella Mug Cake

Best 5 Minute Mug Cakes


  1. Linda says

    Crock pot recipes that really are – stick it in for 8-9 hours – no major prebrowning precutting (dump in baby carrots, open a can of soup, really easy!)

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