Make Your Own Cookie Cutters

Have to cut out a jillion cookies for an event and don’t have a cookie cutter? This happened to us frequently at the cookie store where I worked, because our customer requests were often a bit off-kilter (Corporate logo? A dog in a yoga pose? Yeah, they don’t have cutters for that.) We often made our own cutters for repeat customers. If you’re in the same boat, you’ll find this tutorial for making your own cookie cutters from a sketch and aluminum strips HERE at So Many Sweets especially helpful.


  1. Marcia Greene says

    Where would I find the food safe 1″ aluminum? Great idea, would like to try a few.

  2. says

    Hi Marcia, I’m not sure myself. But if you click over to So Many Sweets, the post where this is from, I bet if you leave a comment there the blogger will help you! :) meaghan

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