Leprechaun “Poop” Candy Jars with Free Printable Poem

leprechaunpoopWhat do you think? All the treats-as-poop thing. Unicorn poop cookies, Reindeer poop candy… I’m kind of on the “ew” side, but gosh, these Leprechaun Poop jars do look darling. And I never thought I’d use “poop” and “darling” in the same sentence. Also, kids love being sanctioned to use the word “poop.” OK, enough. Make these candy jars for St. Patrick’s Day, with free poem printable, HERE at Crazy Little Projects.


  1. Jaan L of Tx says

    I like this one, but maybe I will add a bit of gold to the poop? Hey, maybe they are a bit golden. LOL still love this idea. Thanks

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