IZZE Sparkling Juice. And Get Out Your Camera! Big Prizes on the Way.

One of the perks of this gig is getting boxes full of cool stuff just to try. This time around my box was full of pretty bottles of IZZE. That is, IZZE, the sparkling fruit beverage flavored only with natural fruit juice that boasts (rightly so) to offer “just the right combination of sweetness and sparkle.” I know IZZE. I’ve reviewed IZZE before (see HERE and learn more about this great company that gives back HERE). What to try first… Sparkling Watermelon? Maybe Sparkling Clementine or Sparkling Blackberry or Sparkling Black Raspberry? Or maybe Sparkling Lemon or Grapefruit or Peach or Apple? Yes. Apple. Maybe it’s the time of year, but Apple is my favorite.

So I snapped a picture of my IZZE dressed up for Halloween. I’m sure they’ll only get apples and dimes from their neighbors, too, what with being healthy and all. And I’m giving all of you an inside scoop: Snap a picture of your favorite IZZE. It needn’t be dressed up. It can just be you holding the bottle. Or your cute kid. Or your cute puppy. Because a contest is a’ comin’. A contest wherein you could win a year’s supply of IZZE. And money to shop at Target or Whole Foods. And… I’ll stop there. Check back next week for more information on entering contests both at the IZZE facebook page and HERE. In the meantime, grab a bottle and start snapping pics.  Need some inspiration? Click HERE.

I’ll be back soon with all the contest details!!

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