How To Make a Tie-Dye Cake


This is one cool cake!

Handmade Charlotte shows us how to make this creative cake. Sandra Denneler has simplified the process to make it easier on the rest of us. She recommends using pound cake rather than regular since it will have fewer air bubbles.

You will be baking four cakes, two will be for the tie-dye portion that will be cut with the peace sign. The cookie cutter can be bought at You will need to freeze this portion so it doesn’t dry out when baked in the other cake. Another note is when doing the tie-dye, don’t use red when using yellow or blue. Sounds like it washes the colors out and ruins the tie-dye affect. Also, you will get richer colors using gel instead of liquid coloring.

Of course you can always use one color and whatever cookie cutter that you have on hand.

Click on the webpage in blue for recipe and directions.

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