Holiday Roundup: Edible Santas

Santa’s almost here. Let’s celebrate this magical gift giver by making edible versions of him. I wrote this post weeks ago, and I’ve seen so many more edible Santas since! There’s no limit to the ways you can munch on the guy.

1. Find the recipe for a Santa in the chimney cake by Gartner Studios.

2. Make simple Santa sugar cookies at Diamonds for Dessert.

3. Make a Santa bento at Cute Food for Kids.

4. Make vegan Santa strawberries at Veggie Wedgie.

5. Decorate Santa in the chimney cookies at Sweet Sugarbelle.

6. Make mason jar Santa cakes at Celebrations.

7. Santa cake pops from Every Day Should Pop.

8. Make easy Santa hat strawberry cookies at Domestic Fits.

9. Have Santa appetizers at Martha Stewart.

10. Make a Santa cheeseball at Spoonful.

11. Make Santa cookie pops at Hungry Happenings.

12. Decorate Santa push pop containers at The Partiologist.


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