Guest Post: Holiday Favorites from Lizy B.!!

As you read this, I’m in the hospital with a new baby, whom I’m sure is already sleeping through the night and saying her ABCs. I’m thrilled to bring you a super talented cookie decorating in my stead. Thank you, Lizy B., for sharing your awesomeness today!! Be sure to visit her blog HERE.

Hi!  I’m Elizabeth and I make crazy, fancy (and yummy!) sugar cookies and write about them over at my blog…

Lizy B!

When Meaghan, Miss Sugarlicious herself, asked me to drop by with a guest post I was thrilled!!

Not only because I love it over here at Craft Gossip,

and because I love Meaghan’s book,

AND her other blog, The Decorated Cookie….

But because Miss Meaghan is having a little bitty baby!


She hasn’t said if she’s decorated the nursery in blue or pink.

Either way, I know she will have the sweetest munchkin ever.I can’t wait to see baby pictures!My babies aren’t babies anymore, so I don’t have any baby pictures for you.  I do have cookie pictures though, so how about some of those!

Here are 5 of my favorite holiday cookies, enjoy!

I like to kick off the holiday season with a little humor!

Super Silly Santa Pants!

I’ve learned that putting names on cookies can help with sibling relations.

(If your sister’s name in on a cookie…don’t eat it!)

Personalized Christmas Cookies

Dreidel, dreidel, dreidel….who wants to play?!

Hanukkah Cookies

I love peppermint candies, peppermint cookies are yummy too!

Wintery Holiday Cookies

The first cookies I ever decorated were ornaments for my Christmas Tree!

Now I just can’t stop making them!

Christmas Cookies

Can I add one more picture?Would you mind?These are not holiday cookies exactly…

but there is some VERY good shopping advice that goes along with them.

A Little Holiday Advice

I loved visiting today Meaghan, thanks for having me!!

Now go put your feet up!

You’re having a baby!

Happy Holidays Everyone!

Best Wishes,

Elizabeth Boncich


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