Book Giveaway!! Canning and Preserving AND Keeping Chickens

Yesterday, I bought two cases of mason jars. Why? Because I just got this in the mail from Lark Books: Canning and Preserving with Ashley English, and I was just that inspired. “If you’ve got a stovetop, a big pot, some jars and lids, and access to fresh produce, then you’re all set to get boiling.” The author’s friendly tone puts us at ease right from the introduction. Canning and preserving is a growing movement to bring us closer to our food, to encourage us to eat locally-grown foods, and to enjoy “the freshest, safest, most nutritious fruits and vegetables available.”  With this movement, we need books like Ashley’s that walk us through every step of the process. The book covers jams, jellies, relishes, chutneys, whole fruits and veggies and more. Recipes include nectarine chutney, peach and lavender butter, and beet and sage relish, to name only a few. Portraits of canners and their stories sprinkled throughout personalize the book. Even the texture of the soft, grainy pages feels homey and comforting. (Hence, the two dozen mason jars sitting in my kitchen.)

Canning and Preserving is part of the  Homemade Living series from Lark Books, which also includes the  Keeping Chickens with Ashley English, a book that sounds wonderfully intriguing (now I must know, how does one keep chickens?). Are you just as intrigued? Well, on to…


Leave a comment to this post before Thursday, November 4, midnight EST for a chance to win Canning and Preserving with Ashley English AND Keeping Chickens with Ashley English.


Be sure to have an email or web address attached to your profile or some means of contacting you if win. Winner will be chosen randomly. For this giveaway, US addresses only!!


  1. Juli says

    I just started canning this fall when I had to pick 8 bushels of apples off of my tree in the same week. I would love to have the book!

  2. Danyelle says

    I love canning, and am always up for getting new tips and recipes. I am also getting chickens this spring, so both of these books would be a great addition to my library.

  3. Bettina Groh says

    My 42 year old single son has started delving into canning without anyone who knows the tricks of the trade to help him. I don’t know how either! So I’d like to win this for him! We will be visiting him for Thanksgiving and he has already made me promise to bring the kettle, food mill and other assorted things… I don’t know what he has in mind other than apple butter but we will be off to the farmers’ market for inspiration!!

  4. Robin says

    I would love to can food, I already make all my own bread and snacks. Just need to learn how….

  5. Becky Fisher says

    I’ve not done any canning since I lost my mom — but I’d love to start again. She would can anything and everything :-)

  6. Amy says

    My sister and I canned with our mom when we were young girls and loved it. We are older and mom is gone and would love to start canning again, I think this would be the perfect book.

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