FREE Breast Cancer Awareness Party Printables

To kick off National Breast Cancer Awareness month in October, Heather of Chickabug is sharing FREE Breast Cancer Awareness Printables, a 44-page collection of party printables for personal or fundraising use, including signs, donation cards, water bottle labels, cupcake wrappers, straw flags, treat bag labels, and more. See more party inspiration featured HERE at Amy Atlas. Thank you to Xiaolu of 6 Bittersweets, who photographed the shoot, for letting me know!


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    Not to be a terrible person (I love people with breast cancer too) but what about September being Childhood Cancer Awareness month. Did you know that Childhood cancer research is grossly under-funded? Lots of statistics here:

    And yet on the average, 36 children and adolescents are diagnosed with cancer everyday in the United States…. No child should have Cancer.

    I know I’ve commented here for similar reasons (last september) — If you want something to promote about Childhood Cancer for this month? Could you post a link to this fund raiser? ( Chili’s restaurant’s nationwide will be donating all their profits to St Jude’s Research hospital on Monday Sept 26th – that’s next monday!) Thanks!!

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    I promoted the party printables for breast cancer awareness because it’s a good cause, fits my category of Edible Crafts, and was submitted to me. There is plenty of room on this blog to promote any cause with those same three characteristics, including childhood cancer! Support of one cancer doesn’t de-value another, and I fully recognize the devastating effects of both diseases. In fact, I promoted a fundraising event for childhood cancers on this blog on August 16th.

    I searched and cannot find any comment you left last year. If you left a comment or comments similarly as this one, with a link in the comment, they likely went to spam. Luckily, this one somehow made it through the spam filter, and I happened to see it. Comments with links are often regarded as spam, so if you have a submission, it’s best to email me directly (as was the case with the printables) or use the “Send Us Gossip” button above. I’m happy to post on the Chili’s restaurant fundraiser, too, and I’ll email you this comment as well, in case you don’t revisit.

    And this is a good lesson to all…. if you have a submission, email me at or click the “Send us Gossip” button!! Don’t leave links in the comments!!! Links left in comments tend to go to spam and I can’t guarantee I will see them.

    Thank you,

  3. Belinda says

    This has been so helpful to me. I am an eleven year breast cancer survivor. I sponsor a Breast Cancer Program every year. The ideas here really helped me out. Thank You

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