Disco Dust Tutorial

discodustVisit Sweetopia for a fabulous tutorial on applying disco dust. Find the how-tos HERE. (As well as a super-cute cookie snowman tutorial to boot.)

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  1. Rae says

    Disco dust is NOT EDIBLE. It is plastic craft glitter. It is irresponsible to teach others to cover food in a scrapbooking product. It doesn’t matter that it’s “non toxic”. We don’t deliberately eat plastic coated foods, no matter how cutesy they are.

  2. Carolyn Bickford says

    You are correct and at the time the article was done back in 2010, the person featured didn’t know much about disco dust. If you go to the website she has stated that it is not edible and gives FDA approved edible glitter. We should have done an update on our own article also. I am the new editor and have done articles on making your own edible glitter and have made note that the craft glitter is not to be used with food even for the animals. I will look into updating this article. Thank you for informing us of this error.

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