Cupcakes and Royal Icing Toppers for Fall, AND How to Keep Icing Shiny

There is so much goodness packed into this one post over at Sweetopia… This is what you’ll find:

1. Recipe for gluten-free coconut cupcakes with coconut frosting or pineapple frosting.

2. A link for the tutorial to make royal icing cupcake toppers.

3. And lastly, something new to me, how to make ROYAL ICING SHINY! That deserves all caps. I’ve been asked this a lot and I never know the answer.

Thank you, Sweetopia!


  1. Vickie says

    This was my question until two days ago. I tried drying my royal icing topped cookies with a small oscelating fan as I read about on sugarbelle’s website and it worked! By doing so, I benefited of shiny iced cookies as well as icing dried in less than half the time!

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