Cereal Marshmallows. Just Cereal Marshmallows.

I remember cereal in our house as a kid. No Count Chocula or Cookie Crisp for us. Way too sugary. CheeriOs, Raisin Bran, maaaaybe some Frosted Flakes. And the cereals with the little marshmallows? When we actually got a box of Lucky Charms, each of the few and far between marshmallows mixed in with the overabundance of non-marshmallows (ie actual cereal) were savored. I couldn’t even dream up a cereal made only of those little marshmallows. Well, it exists. Find only-marshmallow cereal HERE. Wonder if they just buy truckloads of cereal, pick out the marshmallows and repackage them. (They don’t, by the way.) {spotted on the So Good blog}

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