Ice Cream Cone Puppies

ice cream cone puppy
After you make this cute ice cream cone puppy, the kids may never want to eat a plain ice cream cone again. All you need is some additional treats such as Nutter Butter Cookies, candies, Nilla Wafers, Candy eyes and … Read More ...

Love Shacks

Love Shacks
I love this idea for Valentine’s Day. Here is another take on the gingerbread house, but using graham crackers. Which a lot of people started using during the Christmas holiday. This is a great family craft to do over Valentine’s … Read More ...

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Edible Glitter

edible glitter
Make your food sparkle with edible glitter. This would be perfect for decorating the princess cakes or cookies. Of course you could just pick up some sparkle sugar, unless you’re like me and forget to buy it. You have a … Read More ...