The Poptail

One of our contributor has sent this great idea to us, I think I will be using this idea a lot during the summer and the holidays. This is great for adults and kids. For the adults, you could freeze … Read More ...

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Hot Corn Dip

hot corn dip
I feel like Déjà vu here, but I don’t think the other corn dip had bacon and wasn’t in the slow cooker. There is nothing wrong with more than one version of a recipe. Again, New Year’s Eve appetizer, brunch, … Read More ...

Pumpkin Snack Mix

Pumpkin Snack Mix
Snack anyone? This would be great at a party, after school snack, sleep over or family game or movie night. Plus, great fun with the kids in the kitchen. They’ll never know they are learning, while helping you measure out … Read More ...