Homemade Marshmallows

With gorgeous step by step photographs, it is easy to get distracted (and start drooling) with this recipe for homemade cinnamon marshmallow pops. But persevere and create this recipe and your kids are sure to get excited (before and after …

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This chalkboard cake is a perfect solution for anyone’s classroom desire – not just for Victoria of ASubtleRevelry!

She has made a cake that will not just be a fun decoration – but is a tactile experience for all involved.…

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2 years ago Kristen Duke introduced the first set of lunch jokes, and they were very popular! So she has released a few new ones with help from her friend Kim at the 733 blog.

The new set includes …

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Georgia of Comfort Cooking (is there any other kind of cooking?) shares this fantastic idea for no-bake strawberry lemonade bites that is a perfect after dinner dessert pick-me-up.

Go get her recipe for these easy to make bites.…

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Rachel of mychiclife, shares this post on how she made chocolate milk party favors.

She has also provided free printables to go with the post.

Go check out the chocolate milk themed party favors with free printables.…

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Gourmet Doughnut Recipes

Gourmet Doughnuts (donuts) are everywhere. But it is sooooo hard to find any actual recipes. Images after images just lead to tantalizing ideas but no actual recipes.

Well fear not. We have done the hard work and found 8 gourmet …

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Yes there is such a day. 20th July (Saturday) is the National Lollipop Day!

And to celebrate that, we present to you 5 lollipop recipes – from the very basic to one with no corn syrup. I have tried to …

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5 Basic Sugar Cookie Ideas

1. Martha Stewart’s Basic Sugar Cookies

2. Recipe For Sweet Sugar Belle’s Basic Sugar Dough

3. Dorie Greenspan’s Sablés

4. Simply Recipe’s Basic Sugar Recipes – 2 for the click of one

5. Basic Vegan Sugar Cookie Recipe

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MyOwnLabels.com shares this fun 4th of July cupcake printable with pinwheel topper. The pinwheel topper would be perfect as a food pick also. String them together for a mini garland and hang them across a tiered cake for WOW factor.…

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This could be the cutest thing I’ve ever seen. Ever. And I have a six month old. And I’ve been posting on cute food for years. Gumdrop people (look at the girl’s dress!) and a printable for a gumdrop game. …

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fruitdrinklabelsYou might not want to fire up the oven this Summer, but the printer is OK, right? Mine gets pretty hot, though. Find a great collection of ten free printables around the web for your summer parties and gifts HERE

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sugarlicious_guideSo the sweets side of edible crafting can be pretty darn confusing. You have your cookies, cupcakes, cakes, marshmallows, cake pops, fondant, royal icing, frosting, candy clay, candy melts, edible pens, sprinkles, and oh my. What goes with what? Can …

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cupcaketoppers2You know why I love cupcake toppers? Because you can use just about anything to make them, you can personalize or cater them to your theme, usually, you can make them ahead of time to just pop in the cupcakes …

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homemade-strawberry-vodka‘Tis the season… for strawberry vodka. How utterly refreshing and divine that sounds right now as I look at the thermometer spike to 95 degrees. And cute to boot. Find the how-tos to make strawberry-infused vodka and the free printables …

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It may be cliche, but the Dad in my house definitely likes his beer. I type, as I nervously look out the window at the two stories of hops vines growing out back that are starting to attack the house. …

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