Frozen Hot Chocolate

frozen hot chocolate

It’s hot chocolate season, but so far it doesn’t feel like it. We love hot chocolate and I give my daughter the “you’re crazy” look when she says she wants hot chocolate in the summer. Now we can have hot … Read More ...

Bionade Review


Now that summer is here (in Australia) I find myself looking for that sweet something during the hot afternoon to quench my thirst. The only problem is I am also conscious of sugary drinks. Not just because of the calories … Read More ...

18 Ways to Eat Popcorn


Popcorn. The new old edible craft? It’s amazing what you can do with some corn kernels beyond popping some to watch a movie. Make cookies, ice cream cupcakes, macarons, even cornbread. Here are 18 different ideas for eating popcorn.


clockwise:… Read More ...