Are you ready for Easter? I still have to do some shopping for the meals, but the Easter Bucket is ready.

Are you stuck for ideas or want to try something new? The Frugal Girls are here to rescue you …

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St. Patty's Hot Cocoa

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Final post for this holiday and since it is cold again. I thought why not enjoy a glass of hot cocoa with a bit of green.

We Made That has created a white hot cocoa recipe …

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Boozy Irish Car Bomb Trifle

UPDATE: I apologize to all. I should have used a different title than the one used by the blogger that I featured. I am aware of the history and did not mean to make light of the terrible tragedy that …

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The winter season has begun and there will be a lot of hot cocoa consumed for the next three months. Especially when it snows and the temperature drops below twenty degrees. I mentioned before that my daughter loves hot cocoa …

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frozen hot chocolate

It’s hot chocolate season, but so far it doesn’t feel like it. We love hot chocolate and I give my daughter the “you’re crazy” look when she says she wants hot chocolate in the summer. Now we can have hot …

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Now that summer is here (in Australia) I find myself looking for that sweet something during the hot afternoon to quench my thirst. The only problem is I am also conscious of sugary drinks. Not just because of the calories …

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Emily, of the Pig and the Quill,  promises that you cannot even taste the spinach in this yogurt smoothie. And there are two whole cups of it in it!

That makes it the perfect healthy smoothie for our kids. …

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Many, many trends in food have come, and sometimes gone, in the last few years. Cake pops, macarons, pie on sticks, quirky popsicles, bread art, “pinata” sweets, mustache pops, updated JellO shots, stuff in mason jars… But there has been …

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blog.milkshake2Seriously, a cold milkshake, red n’ blue and marshmallow polka dots? Is there anything more perfect for the 4th of July? You’re welcome. (I made these.) Actually, the marshmallow polka dots were a bit of a hassle, as a couple …

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I’m not a master mixologist. I can mix two things, like a gin and tonic. Or a mimosa. And I may or may not have made some cosmopolitans in the past, so that added an ingredient or two. But I …

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blog.summer.shooter1 - CopyI should probably post these later in the day, huh? But they are sooooo good, and go down soooo smoothly. And it’s, um, never too early to celebrate the Independence of my country, right? I made some Pop Rocks shooters

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Popcorn. The new old edible craft? It’s amazing what you can do with some corn kernels beyond popping some to watch a movie. Make cookies, ice cream cupcakes, macarons, even cornbread. Here are 18 different ideas for eating popcorn.



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S’mores. Summer. In this job, I see a LOT of s’mores this time of year. A lot. And not the classic graham cracker, marshmallow, chocolate, campfire kind, but the elements of s’mores reconfigured into something you might not expect. (Or …

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rainbow_smoothieIf you search for “rainbow” on this blog, a billion jillion surprising edible things will show up. There is no end to what you folks will turn into a rainbow. Find the how-tos for rainbow smoothies HERE at A Whisk

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I’ve long touted the wonders of the mason jar. Here’s a perfect case in point: Rainbow cookies and cloud milk. Sigh. My favoritest ever. By Munchkin Munchies.…

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