Puppy Chow Cake

No this one isn’t for your dog. I guess it all depends on where you are from, whether or not the snack is called muddy buddy or puppy chow. Muddy buddy cake sounds a little better than puppy chow, but … Read More ...

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S’mores Cake

s'mores cake
I bet I could find a s’mores recipe for each day of the year. Is it possible to have too many recipes for s’mores? I love s’mores and am excited about all the recipes, but I still love making s’mores … Read More ...

Margarita Macarons

margarita macarons
Today is national tequila day! I will have three recipes featuring tequila! First is this margarita macaron, which could also be used for national margarita day in February. The filling is made with tequila and lime. I wonder if I … Read More ...