Ok that was hard to write. A bread bed. A bed shaped like slices of bread.

We knew Japan has some quirky ideas around food – but this is just plain wrong.

Can you see your kids wanting this? A …

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Top of the muffin to you as well. You might be saying that again and again (anyone remember Seinfeld?) if you ever got these Muffin Top Cupcake molds from the foodiggity shop!

To me, they also look a little like Minions.…

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Ok, normally, I don’t link to items that are not DIY.

But these puppies (literally) are uber cute.

And there is no reason, one of you readers could make them at home.

If you do, please let us know – …

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I am posting about this, even though these miniature sculptures are not actually edible, as they look too good not to eat :).

Tel Aviv-based artist Shay Aaron, miniatures are sight to behold. She sells these works of ‘edible’ …

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The Guardian newspaper from London has an article about several pop-up cake shops opening around England that explore the link between baking and good mental health.

It is an intriguing concept – that is sure to spark some debate.

One …

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stunning.cakestandsI’ll take one of each, please. This new line of cake stands is called “Simply Stunning,” and I agree, what with the modern feel to these. Also, I want a cake stand made out of carbon steel. I don’t know …

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Need some ideas for sort of silly (and sometimes practical) gifts, stocking stuffers, partyware and kitchen tools for those who love the food and drink? Check out my roundup of ideas over at Houzz, HERE.…

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Happy Hanukkah Cupcake Ornament - mini size - great for a hostess gift


It’s time to pull out the blues and the whites. Here are a bunch of baking and party wares for Hanukkah from around the web.

1. Above is a Hanukkah cupcake ornament from the etsy shop, Amy Miller Designs

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A trillion dollar invention maybe? This means I no longer have to choppily cut up patterned paper and tape to my cake plates, leaving residue that never really comes off (yeah, I do that). Cake Plate Clings. Learn more about …

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Planets solar system space ball style hard candy lollipop - 10 pc. - SHIPS NOVEMBER 1I’m a nerd about many things, but I wouldn’t say inter-galactic fascination is part of my particular brand of nerd. But these crazy awesome lollipops could win me over to the great unknown. Find these and some more of the …

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I was pretty sure I saw it all from the macaron world. Ice cream cones, ducks, rainbows, cats, pigs, lanterns, sheep, snowmen, devils, UFOs… I could continue with the shapes of macarons out there. But I’ve never seen macarons with …

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First, the super yummy-sounding cupcakes… Pina Colada with Kiwi frosting? A resounding “Yes, please.” Find the recipe HERE at A Spicy Perspective. But wait, there’s more. Those gorgeous dried pineapple and kiwi flower cupcake toppers? Crafted and for sale …

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Have you seen the incredible cookie decorating skill of SweetAmbs yet? If not, I thought I’d lead you there immediately. Exquisite is the word that first comes to mind. Check out her etsy shop HERE. Shown are the Mother’s …

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Leave it to epicurious to collect some must-haves for the foodie mom. Find the roundup of ideas HERE. Pineapple purse anyone? I think the sack made from cork fabric would be more my speed, personally.

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Aw…. a vodka that evokes memories of childhood. Sigh. Oh, wait. That doesn’t seem right. Yet, I’m terribly curious. Find peanut butter and jelly vodka HERE at Van Gogh Vodka. Spotted on Incredible Things.…

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