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Turkey Nutter Butter Cookies


Gobble Gobble indeed!

Perfect idea to get the kids to do this themselves, this simple and creative take on turkey shaped cookies is a gem of an idea by Ashley of FrugalCouponLiving!

Using nutter butter cookies, candy corn and some … Read More ...

Twinkie Ghosts


Ahh – Twinkies. They have been used to make everything from Minions to Ghosts. And here is another ghost idea just in time for Halloween!

These are very simple to make and the end result is adorable. Amber made these … Read More ...

Jack-o-Lantern Cookies


Oh boy. These cookies, when made to look like this, give me the Heebie-jeebies.

But these are cookies are pretty cool. In the end, they make a masked jack-o-lantern that your kids will love because they are full of Jolly … Read More ...