Something other than bacon is a hit! There were many questions as to what a s’mores actually was. Basically it is two graham crackers with a roasted marshmallow(typically done over a fire) and a piece of chocolate in between.

How …

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Want to show love for the bros in your life but not sure how? Then look no further than here.

Share the love this Valentine’s day with your committed bros by making a bouquet the right way – the bouquet …

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The amount of effort and painstaking detail that must have gone into making this cake is awe inspiring. It is not one of those cakes that are built by a celebrity chef – but a DIY’er’s passion and art combined …

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Gobble Gobble indeed!

Perfect idea to get the kids to do this themselves, this simple and creative take on turkey shaped cookies is a gem of an idea by Ashley of FrugalCouponLiving!

Using nutter butter cookies, candy corn and some …

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A nine year old wanted a guinea pig party and of course mum had to oblige. When that mum happens to be a creative crafty food blogger, then of course, the cake won’t be just any ordinary cake, will it?…

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Yes, that’s a real pumpkin. Yes, that’s a real cake baked inside that pumpkin! And you get to carve it.

It might become an all time favorite on this blog. This crazy way to bake a cake inside a pumpkin.…

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Ahh – Twinkies. They have been used to make everything from Minions to Ghosts. And here is another ghost idea just in time for Halloween!

These are very simple to make and the end result is adorable. Amber made these …

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Oh boy. These cookies, when made to look like this, give me the Heebie-jeebies.

But these are cookies are pretty cool. In the end, they make a masked jack-o-lantern that your kids will love because they are full of Jolly Ranchers. …

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Not sure if I should be freaked out or creep-ed out – but these Cicada bug cupcakes will make the younger crowd really happy to eat them at a Halloween party.

You will never guess what the body of the …

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Spider Treats and Crafts

Yesterday, Meaghan brought you her original Oreo Cakester Spiders. And today, here are 30 spider treats and crafts to totally freak me out. I mean, inspire you.

Ack! Spiders in the lunchbox! Make a spider bento at Bento, Monsters

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Trust me, this recipe book will really come in handy one day when you find that elusive Unicorn.

A long-lost medieval cookbook, containing recipes for hedgehogs, blackbirds and wait for it – unicorns, has been discovered at the British Library.…

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Follow this easy tutorial to create a fun LEGO themed treat! This is a great idea for a LEGO party favor or a sweet snack for kids.

They are made with Wilton candy melts, marshmallows, and of course, apples.

Get …

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Brenda made a snack mix for football season which includes chocolate covered almonds made to look like footballs. How clever!

She describes it as a “manly” snack mix and is on the mission to prove that football can be cute. We …

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To help celebrate the launch of some of their new cars, Skoda – a car manufacturer, has transformed a monster truck into a monster ice cream van.

It will be touring the UK – so if you live there, you …

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Ok that was hard to write. A bread bed. A bed shaped like slices of bread.

We knew Japan has some quirky ideas around food – but this is just plain wrong.

Can you see your kids wanting this? A …

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