Make more candy?

FoodieMisadventures has this perfect solution for left over candy (surely there is no such thing). She makes what is called a Leftover Halloween Candy Bark and it looks extra yummy because it has Resse’s Peanut Butter Cups …

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I know. Halloween has just about finished and here we are starting already on Thanksgiving. One holiday at a time – I hear you saying.

But this post is for the early starters among us who like things planned way …

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So Halloween is nearly here. Only one more sleep to go! Scared and excited yet?

No? Well maybe you should be? If you haven’t planned your party food yet then maybe a little scare is a good idea?

Want to …

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So Christelle had a little time and managed to make candy filled bouncy spider (yeah cute and yuk all in one).

Her blog is in French, but she took the time to add the instructions in English (in blue) at …

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Or something for True Blood fans?

These clever, full of color, candy apples are a treat from the stable of 1 fine cookie’s Jasmin. Made with lots of red food coloring, apples and surprise – white chocolate, these candy apples …

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A nine year old wanted a guinea pig party and of course mum had to oblige. When that mum happens to be a creative crafty food blogger, then of course, the cake won’t be just any ordinary cake, will it?…

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No these are not just green colored popcorns. And they don’t just taste like boogers.

The recipe for the Zombie Boogers popcorn is super, duper easy and is sure to make your guests shriek with delight.

The lady who makes these also sells the …

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Yes, that’s a real pumpkin. Yes, that’s a real cake baked inside that pumpkin! And you get to carve it.

It might become an all time favorite on this blog. This crazy way to bake a cake inside a pumpkin.…

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These cookies are a work of art.

The effort and detail involved in making these cookies would make my hand tremble before I ate them. And to think, that these detailed cookies would vanish in a second if someone ate …

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Here is a clever idea to making a Banana Caramel sauce.

Kristen of MakeTheBestOfEverthing, caramelized banana puree from a ripe banana and used no sugar.

This is a great topping for pancakes, ice cream and more. And this is healthy …

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Wow! This lollipop takes the cake. Wonderfully clever and detailed, these Jolly Rancher Lollipops are a delight to look at and I am sure fun to make.

And if the kids get to help, they will love mixing and creating …

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What can be cuter than these cute and “sprinkly” Rolo monsters?!

CakeWhiz made a whole family of these cuties. Daddy, Mommy and Baby!

These are fun to make with kids and look super duper easy! And it uses sprinkles. What …

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Ahh – Twinkies. They have been used to make everything from Minions to Ghosts. And here is another ghost idea just in time for Halloween!

These are very simple to make and the end result is adorable. Amber made these …

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Happy pumpkins is a great idea for kids Halloween party food. It is made of a melon and some sweets.

Served on a stick, they are perfect for a snack or a dessert.

I also like the way they have …

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Wonderfully green, wonderfully splat and wonderfully sweet!

These zombie cookie treats for Halloween will have your kids screaming for more!

If you don’t have a irregular cookie cutter shape you could draw a template onto clean cardstock/paper and then use

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