Cake Ball Roller

I’m pretty intrigued by this cake ball roller. While it’d take up a lot of square inches in my small kitchen, it really does seem to make perfect cake balls for cake pops. Having worked in a bakery for ten years rolling and cutting out the same little cookies over and over (aagh! remember orders in the thousands now!), I imagine it’d be extremely useful for business that sell cake pops. See the video HERE and pre-order it HERE.


  1. marie says

    Wow! That would make a great edition to my baking gadgets, however, it is way over my price range. If it were in the $50.00 range I would whip out my credit card.:(

  2. Jacks says

    I have been looking all over for the trays for mochi rolling but can’t find them. Would love to find something more affordable to roll cakeballs – Any ideas on where to get them?

  3. Kathe says

    I too have been looking for a mochi tray roller and can’t find them anywhere online or at my local markets. I think its a great idea, I just cant see spening almost 300 dollars for it. Perhaps I could see about making one myself maybe. If anyone has found something simliar can they post it?


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