Irish Trifle – Recipe has alcohol

Boozy Irish Car Bomb Trifle

UPDATE: I apologize to all. I should have used a different title than the one used by the blogger that I featured. I am aware of the history and did not mean to make light of the terrible tragedy that occurred in the Irish history. The recipe is based on a drink using the Irish ingredients.

I don’t want to offend anyone, but this looked to good to ignore. Obviously, you can make the trifle without the booze, but we adults like to indulge occasionally.

St. Patrick’s Day, to me, is really an adult holiday. Green and beer always comes to mind when I hear St. Patrick’s Day. I hated it as a kid, because I never seemed to have green and would get pinched a lot. Green, back then, was not one of my favorite colors.

Sorry back to the article! Two in the Kitchen has the recipe to make this trifle for your adult party. Enjoy!


  1. Karen M says

    Very very distasteful name, incredibly offensive for those of us who lived with this threat for years.

    You should be ashamed.

    911 plane hijack sound good to you for a dessert name?

  2. E. C. Dabis says

    Considering the murder of innocent people with car bombs, this article is repulsive given the compassionate title. You knew better, just wish you had used self restraint.

  3. E. C. Dabis says

    Considering the murder of innocent people with car bombs, this article is repulsive given the NON-compassionate title. You knew better, just wish you had used self restraint.

  4. gina says

    very little offends but the name here is so offensive writer might want to do a little reading on Irish history

  5. Carolyn Bickford says

    I apologize to you and others and will rename the trifle. It is based on a drink and the recipe of the blog I featured. It is not based on the troubles that occurred in the Irish history.

  6. says

    Hi Carolyn,

    I’m Renee from Two in the Kitchen, the original author of the trifle recipe. First of all thank you so much for featuring my dessert. Though I am very sorry for the controversy that the original title created on your site.

    I want to assure you and your readers that the original title I used for the dessert was not meant to be offensive but was named after the common Irish alcohol bar drink that fizzes up rapidly when mixed (hence the “bomb” reference) In fact, if you google the term Irish Car Bomb, you will come up with thousands of references to the drink, cupcakes, cakes and many other innocuous indulgences. I’m certainly not saying this makes it right, but just to document the commonality of the term.

    Though the title was not meant to be offensive, I can see how it would offend and thus I changed the title of the dessert on my own blog as well.

    Sorry for the trouble it caused you and for the offense it caused to some of your readers. It was certainly unintentional. :)

  7. Carolyn Bickford says

    Hi Renee!

    No worries! I am aware of the drink also, but with international readers that are not familiar with the American drink, I can see the offense. I hesitated on the title, but kept it anyways. I’m sorry for bringing your wonderful recipe into the wrong limelight, but thank you for your apology. Here’s to another lesson learned.

  8. Lisa Staley says

    Just for the record, I think most people knew it was a reference to the drink *which has a terribly offensive name and IS named after what everyone was complaining about.* Referencing something that is referencing something offensive is almost just like referencing the offensive thing in the first place, especially if you were already aware of the history behind it. Glad you guys changed it, though.

  9. Denise says

    Ok enough of the badgering the girl over an honest irish and dont find this offensive at fact its a cool name for a trifel.well done!!.it looks lovely,i must try it and for all the part irish naggers that jump on the politically correct wagon as it passes.get over it.we had to and frankly dont appreciate being reminded of our history when we just want desert!!!.thanks

  10. abbie says

    I appreciate you were sensitive to international visitors in changing the name, albeit belatedly, although as an American in her mid-20’s, when I read “Irish Car Bomb Trifle”, my thought immediately went to the drink (and I don’t even drink), not the terrible tragedies of one of my favorite areas of the world. I can understand the oversight, as I would have made the same mistake. Thanks for apologizing, tho.

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