8 Sweet Ideas for Dr. Seuss



Aren’t we all sweet on Dr. Seuss and the wacky, colorful, wonderful, poetic worlds he created? Here are some sweet treat and party odes to Seuss.



Make your own Seuss-style cupcake stand at Make it Cozee.

Marshmallow pops for the doc by yours truly.

Make Thing 1 and Thing 2 push pops at The Country Chic Cottage.

Hee hee, make easy green eggs and ham donuts at Crazy for Crust.


Find Dr. Seuss cookie tutorials at Sweet Sugarbelle.

Be healthy with Lorax snacks from Little Food Junction.

Make a crazy awesome Lorax cake at Diamonds for Dessert.

Make cat in the hat pops at Mega Crafty.


  1. Nama says

    Very cute ideas, to be sure! BUT, you need to be very careful about using anything related to Dr. Seuss. The man would no doubt have a fit if he ever knew what the company was now doing in his name, but it happens regularly. They pour over the web looking for “infringements” on their rights – sounds crazy, but it’s a real thing with them. When they find something, they threaten to sue…. Thought you should know.

  2. says

    Doesn’t sound crazy at all! They have the law on their side, so caution is certainly appropriate. I know anyone who creates something shown here for profit can face serious consequences. Same with all the Disney characters, or any character for that matter.

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